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Before & After Fibroblast

  • Burning sensation will soon reduce.
  • Anti-inflammatory / anti-histamine medication can help.
  • You may have some swelling especially around the eyes.
  • Swelling usually only last a few days.
  • Ice packs can soothe and help reduce swelling.
  • Occasional weeping will settle.
  • Formation of brown / black crusts on skin surface.
  • DO NOT pick.
  • Crusts will flame off in few days.
  • Keep treated area clean and dry.
  • Clean using Luke warm boiled water.
  • Avoid alcohol based cleanses.
  • Use sunscreen if out and about.
  • Do not cover with plasters or occlusive dressing.
  • Contact your physician for advice if area becomes hot, red or weeping pus.
  • Treatment Review from last 6 weeks onwards.